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Moxy GmbH began its journey in 2009 when I, Žiga Noe, founded small company named HardCode, sp. and began developing high quality websites and other web applications. From the very beginning, each HardCode application was custom designed according to specific needs and wishes of each individual client. Company was designed as a response to the customers who knew they needed something more, beyond the standardized frameworks of established and widely used platforms such as Wordpress, Joomla, Bootstrap and the like.

Business strategy of finding our niche outside the established quickly-built one-size-fits-all websites paid off. In 2013, HardCode, Sp, outgrew the Slovenian market, when we took over the company ACTT, GmbH and transferred the HardCode brand across the northern border to Austria.

Here HardCode (now as a brand) continued to produce high quality web pages and web applications for both, the domestic (Slovenian) and the European market.

However, if you are not evolving, you are dying, so in 2018 it was time for something fresh. That is when we renamed our company and brand to Moxy Gmbh.

Over the years we have also developed a department for graphic design within the company in order to meet our clients' needs and wishes. So now we are proud to present to you Moxy Web and Moxy Designs.

Our clients are people and companies who know what they want and are well aware that a web page is not just a trend or electronic business card, but rather an indispensable tool for a simpler work process and more efficient business. However, this can only be achieved by adhering to the specific wishes and needs of each individual client, and then adding our years of experience, thus creating an optimal solution for each individual customer.

Our mission is to be a small but indispensable part of your story.

CEO and Head of Development,
Žiga Noe